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These were copied and pasted from emails we've received from customers who just wanted to thank us for basically doing what we said we would do. All of these were sent to us unprovoked and also before this page was even made.

"I am very very very pleased with the way you do business, I know you msut be a busy person but I like to tell you that the way you are doing business is fantastic and you may quote me on that, serious.
I did send money and a couple of minutes later the traffic started.
I was amazed !
I just ordered for 35 dollars to check it out but I will order more traffic in the future for sure, as long as you send the hits as you do now, not at once but like per hour you are in my book ......... DA MAN.
fantastic !
keep up the good work."

"Hey Hunter, Your traffic has been kicking ass on my site. I can't believe the productivity I have been getting, almost 300%!!!! I was talking to a friend of mine in the biz and he just bought 20,000 from ****** and is only getting about 100% productivity. When I told him about your traffic he almost cried, you should be getting a order from him soon. I have also added a review of your traffic to my webmaster page on my site. I also have a lot of friends in the biz that I will referr to you as well. I can add a link to you also on my index and main pages to help send you guys more quality traffic if you would like. You guys rock, Thanks for the killer traffic!"

I've bought traffic from you and got great results. Now I want to buy some for one of my other domains. Thanks"

"You have a great traffics."

"you guys have done great for me. Thanks again."

"thanks for answering all my questions :-) so far so good.. the traffic is VERY productive. I am sure I will buy again in the future. Thanks for everything. Will recommend you guys."

"The traffic is great and the rate it is coming is perfect."

"The reason I particularly want to buy from you is because your traffic comes out of ******'s test as vastly superior."

"Hey, I think I'm sending you another one of my friends that I was just talking to, I told her about your traffic so once she sees the results she will probably be by your site and hit you up with an order. she's pretty cool and I know you guys will treat her right. And no I'm not going to keep sending you e-mails everytime I send someone your way, I'm just still very impressed with the results I have gotten and have to tell everyone that hit's me up on ICQ. Thanks again Hunter"

"Thanks for speediness of setup n everything."

"It's nice to see
that you care about offering your surfers something worthwhile."

"Your traffic kicks ass, very productive."

"Thanks, the traffic's coming in nicely. I must say the quality is absolutely awesome!
I've been buying from ****** up until now, and wasn't at all unhappy about
his traffic, but yours seems to be almost twice as productive. Of course,
after just one day it's a bit soon to tell for certain, but it definitely
looks really good so far. A big thumbs up!"

"thanks for the great traffic you sent me !"

"That was extremely Quick...thanks :)
I will definently be ordering from you again once this lot has finished."

"Wow, the traffic is working out nice, the amount sent each day is perfect for boosting my site!"

"Okay, hook me up for the rest of the month. Traffic is excellent. This traffic is actually cheaper then 1 zillion CJ exit
Thanks, I can grow my traffic with you."

"do you ever sleep?

"It looks like your traffic may be pretty productive for me."

"Nice program you have going."

"thanx hunter,
your traffic is really productive"

"Thank you for the quick response."

"Thank you - you have the best traffic in town!"

"Thanks again, as always it's a pleasure doing business with you"

"I am pleased with the traffic you are sending"

"You guys seem to be the best"

"Thanks Hunter. I already like your hits. A lot better than the other
guys I was purchasing from. Will defiantly make another order soon".

"Your traffic is outrageous!
As always, thanks,"

"just wanted to let you know your traffic is performing verry well on my site"

"Hi again, after talking to the other webmaster we agreed your traffic should
have a go"

"wow, thanx hunter - that's what i call service..! "


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