How To Utilize Our Traffic

Our traffic is proven to be highly productive and you probably don't want to let it go to waste by not using it to it's fullest potential. Don't over do it though because there can be a fine line between not enough and way too much. Building up your traffic is the #1 priority, everything else comes second.

Your gallery links should be easily accessible and should be the main focus of the page, otherwise they will probably give up the hunt and just close the window. There are so many sites out there that if your site is difficult to navigate or they can't figure out how it works, they will probably go elsewhere to find one that gives them what they want.

Don't overly clutter your site with banners and paysite links. I know that you've got to make money somehow but building traffic is the first step to having a successful site. Simply having a clean site will bring back the surfers.

Why are we offering all of this information? We're not your average traffic provider, we like to see our customers succeed and really enjoy all the "thank you" emails from those who are amazed at how much our traffic has helped them build a more successful site. The only thing we ask in return is if you know someone that needs help with building traffic, let them know we are here.