How To Utilize Maximize Your Traffic

A happy surfer is a good surfer and designing your site to keep your visitors happy can go along way. Nobody like popups and nobody likes being jerked around when visiting websites, keep that in mind when designing your pages.

Don't trade traffic with sites that heavily skim. Even though they may send you loads of traffic, the productivity of it is normally awful and not worth it.

If you wish to trade traffic with other sites by skimming your gallery links, our traffic does well for this as long as you don't skim too much. Skimming too much can and will drive a lot of your quality traffic away and you will end up with undesirable effects. Anything above 40% skimming (meaning 60% to galleries) is considered heavy trading by us and really won't do you any good other than gaining loads of useless traffic and sending out loads of useless traffic.

Jerking around your surfers with repeatative popups and toolbar installers is probably not a good idea. I know I don't like it and I bet the surfers don't like it either. I've seen several sites fail because they start their site with one thing in mind... make loads of money right now. It's probably not going to happen right off the bat, you've got to set your site up to succeed. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.